Owner & Chef

chef flame broiling food in restaurant

Samir Hrichi is the Chef/Owner of Ship to Shore Restaurant located on the Historic Waterfront in Kingston, NY. Samir, a first-generation American, was born in NYC to parents of Latvian and Moroccan descent. The influence of both cultures led Samir to incorporate exotic flavor profiles within his various culinary ventures, and ultimately his own restaurant. Relocating to the Hudson Valley further encouraged Samir’s interest to combine simple, down-to-earth food with subtle modern twists. Samir began his culinary career at the age of 13 by washing dishes and this led to what many future chefs dream of doing- owning their own space. Working hard and understanding the business is the first leg of the journey and studying and graduating from the prestigious CIA in Hyde Park, NY, set the gears in motion for Samir to begin his own culinary flight. From there, Samir went on to hone his craft through positions in various kitchens throughout Manhattan like the famed Sfuzzi and other specialty locations in the Hamptons before opening his own pizza parlor in the heart of Broadway in Kingston, NY. His love of personal adventure and travel to Thailand, Cuba, Morocco, Italy, and Australia further drove Samir to create a dining experience that highlights the bounty of the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Ship to Shore was opened in 1998 and Samir has carefully selected ingredients indigenous to the Hudson Valley by researching and using local vendors and farming establishments. At its core, Ship to Shore is a take on an American Bistro with the big, bold flavors of the Mediterranean and Asia paired with a NYC style Steakhouse. With the Hudson Valley as its backdrop, Ship to Shore has grown in its merits as a culinary staple in the upstate food scene, as well as a popular catering and event company.

Ship to Shore’s philosophy has been relatively simple since its humble opening- keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it local.

Samir lives just a few miles away from the restaurant with his three children; Samara, Silvio, and Shadia. He continues to enjoy traveling and using this to inspire his latest dishes.